[Bitcoin] Buy on Dip Opportunity

Bitcoin prices has up nearly 2,000% in the last year and the cryptocurrency is often compared to the Nasdaq Bubble, Tulip Mania...But actually the Bitcoin asset is not like anything has ever seen before.

It is a digital assets, a store of value, and has the potential to become the commodity of the world some day. Therefore, it could be possible that Bitcoin is only in the early stages, and it is possible that Bitcoin is not in a bubble at all.

The best strategy for Bitcoin is Buy on Dip

Bitcoin can be 

  1. A store of value- Bitcoin has become an enormous source of value as well as a store of wealth for people who owning it.
  2. A digital commodity closely resembling a digital version of gold, a speculative trading instrument, a form of currency…
  3. Bitcoin as a World's currency:  Bitcoin has characteristics of strong currency as durability, divisibility, transportability, scarcity, recognition, and it is believed to be impossible to counterfeit, and in time should gain stability as well as consistency. Moreover, it can’t be printed continuously like fiat currencies, is not controlled by a central authority, and has a genuine possibility of becoming the currency of the world one day.