3 Reasons Traders Shouldn't Short Bitcoin

Bicoin is not a bubble yet! here are the Three reasons:
Bitcoin is not a bubble yet

  1. Bitcoin has a real value:  They facilitate international payments for goods and services, it aspires to be a means of exchange like the dollar, rather than just a form of digital gold. Chinese investors have used bitcoin to get money out of that country and that make the price drive higher.
  2. Bitcoin is not a scam: The cryptocurrencies Bitcoin are based on transparent rules and are not a scam. It’s a “what you see is what you get” market, that means both the buyer and seller know all there is to know about the exchange.
  3. Everyone hasn’t piled in: The pool of potential buyers is thousands of times larger than the pool of present owners. Many big institutional investors could start adding bitcoin as a core holding. Bubbles only occur when everyone is trading/buying into a ‘hot’ market.