How to avoid bad luck in trading

How to avoid bad luck in trading

There are actually a good luck and a bad luck in trading, like an outside force that controls the fate of our trade. 

If traders violate code of conduct, they will be punished.

Remember the time you too exciting about your last success trade…

You told everyone around about how much you have make and you feel that couldn’t seem to lose…

but high possibility that you would lose in the next couple of trades.

The markets have a tendency to humble those become to proud. 

Remember: Traders who are successful over the long term rarely allow their victories to go to their head.

So, How to avoid bad luck in trading? 
Just adjust your human behavior in trading desk.
  • Don’t allow your victories go to your head.
  • Respect the market, keep your professional look when you trading well, never declare victory over the market.
  • Never show up your winning result, high possibility that you will lose everything you’ve make.
  • Don’t laughs at other losing traders because next time you likely to fail as well.