How to spot a bull stock market

Six signs the bear Market has Retreated

Before the bull begins to charge ahead, you will find six major signs that the bear has retreated into hibernation. Most of these signs apply to stocks, but often they readily relate to other investment markets as well.

Six Signs the Bear market has retreat

  1. First, market prices have been declining for more than 12 months. 
  2. Second, the volume of trading declines and you start to observe a very boring market. 
  3. Third, bad news makes no impression on the markets. 
  4. Fourth, investors start unloading top-quality investments by heavily selling many of the blue chips. 
  5. Fifth, investments that once were stars are now on the skids, selling at undervalued prices. With stocks, price-earnings ratios are unusually low. 
  6. And finally, sixth, stock dividend yields rise abruptly. The bottom line is if you observe most or all of these signs, the bear market is probably coming to an end and a new bull may not be far behind.

Obviously, the bear market has begun to fade and the bull market slowly is taking shape. More and more trading occurs daily, and the number of advances, the upward movements in the prices of the individual investments, outpace the declines.

Sumary Pics
How to spot an emerging bull market
Market has been declined more than 12 months
Market become dull and boring
Bad news has now effect on market up rise
Blue chip stocks were sold off
Stocks have extremely low P/E
Stock offer high devidend yields