Strategy of Japanese Trader CIS thats Make $34 Million

CIS is a nickname of a 36 year old Japanese Day Trader that has made $34 Million when make a big bet against market and timing the bottom perfectly. In a decade of day trading, CIS had amassed a fortune of about $150 million.
Mystery Japnaese Trader make more than 1 Millon trades

His basic rule is: “Buy stocks that are being bought, and sell stocks that are being sold.”(while the savviest investor has a built-in bias for buying when stocks fall and selling when they go up).  He has no idea about the fundamentals, he just tracks volumes and price moves to follow the momentum.

He doesn't spend much time looking at earnings reports or  central bank statements, moving averages or other price chart patterns normally associated with technical trading. Just forget the fundamentals. CIS doesn’t read any financial newspaper.

CIS is always follow the momentum, "If you can get yourself out of that mindset and bet against the crowd, who act instinctively, then you have an opportunity to make money" he said.